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  • US citizens quickly wising up to Obama's marxist ideology parents refuse to subject their children to indoctrinating infomercial

    School districts across Texas and the rest of the country are catching a lot of flack from outraged parents who don't even trust Obama enough anymore to let him talk to their kids without them there.

    Very little is known about the president's top secret surprise indoctrination to state worship sales pitch scheduled for 11am Tuesday. This lack of transparency is nothing new from this presidency tho, that could possibly be one of the main reasons the people are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with him and his schemes. The enormity of the ridiculous and unsustainable commitments the people are being permanently locked into is becoming increasingly clear to the citizens.

    The only further details available about the content of this mysterious speech are being speculated based upon information on this document which surfaced from inside the school system.

    The document is not clear at all on the topics of the speech, but it asks the kids to be good little boot lickers and do whatever the president asks them to do and think about the new ideas he "challenges them to think about".

    Many citizens are rightfully extremely wary of this guy influencing their children, or other people's children for that matter.

    Just as predicted, Obama is continuing and accelerating the anti-american central planning agenda followed by his predecessor George W. Bush. Bush was heavily criticized by the left media at the time over his October 1, 1991 speech to school children, the first ever of it's kind.

    In a statement from GOP chairman Jim Greer he said "he was absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama's socialist ideology."

    Central planning, socialism, fascism, marxism, it's all the same really they like to confuse people with the terms and keep people thinking it's gonna be different this time. Not like Italy, Russia, China, Germany. No, they want us to think they can tinker around with a few details and we're going to get a different result.

    Trust us they say. Well trust is something that's hard to obtain but easy to lose. Sometimes once it's gone, it's gone forever.


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