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  • Ron Paul is kicking ass! - H.R. 1207 bill close to passage

    Reuters is reporting Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 bill, the Federal Reserve transparency act,is on the verge of passsing in the house. All 178 of the house republicans and 104 democrats have signed onto the bill.

    It will then have to go through the Senate, but even if it fails there, it's too late the cat's already out of the bag. People know what the Fed is now and they do not like it.

    "A Gallup poll in July found that only 30 percent thought the Fed was doing a good job, the worst of all government agencies measured."

    There's a good chance the bill will make it into a broader banking overhaul this fall.

    You hear that Bernanke? The whole world's about to find out why the Federal Reserve is more secret than the C.I.A. You and your criminal buddies are in deep doo doo.


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