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  • Is it racist to say someone should be judged on ability, rather than race?

    This is a pretty funny little series. Putting news through the auto tune so it sounds like they're singing. Pat Loc is a straight G in this one. lol

    Here's the real interview that those sound bytes came from.
    Pat makes alot of good points.

    Maddow asks Buchanan why he thinks most of the supreme court justices and high level government positions have been mostly white men in this countries past few hundred years.
    He responds- "Because the population was 90% white and the ten percent of blacks were discriminated against." [Personally, I am thankful to our forefathers for the Liberty that they secured for those of us alive today and those to come. I don't get why I'm supposed to feel bad about, and be discriminated against, because I'm a white male]

    His main argument against Sonya Sodamayor is not even her racist views and resulting absurd remarks. It is against her rudimentary talents and abilities. Anyone who is familiar with any professional sport (or any sort of reality based thinking processes) should be able to easily grasp this logic.

    It seems to me like there is no politically correct way to oppose affirmative action, or even debate the subject.

    What they're talking about here is how Sodamayzor is always making racist comments in relation to white men, the race demographic that I myself happen to fall into. One of the most notable zingers being her comments in the Conn firefighter case, where she claimed a dyslexic white man had an unfair advantage on a written test for a job promotion.

    Personally though I could care less what color I am, or anyone else is. Not being a racist myself makes it even more unjust being discriminated against over something that's beyond my control.

    Many people subscribe to the idea that blacks (I guess mexicans too now) get to be racist now because their ancestors were discriminated against; but I see that as flawed logic due simply to the fact that you can't punish the son for the sins of the father, or grandfather etc. etc.

    Plus, I deserve just as much sympathy as women and minorities don't I because I'm the grandson of a woman and they had it hard back in the day too. Isn't that right liberal feminists?
    Not to mention around half of all of my other ancestors were women as well.

    As Ron Paul puts it, racism is collectivism. None of my ancestors owned slaves anyways if that did matter, so I should be exempt from affirmative action. I'm as anti-slavery as it gets, 100% pro-liberty, anti-socialist.

    This is what was going on in America about the time Sotamayor was graduating from her fancy ivy league college.

    Dont forget anti-state, particularly anti-central government. The state is the one who does stuff like this. Jeffery Dahmer wishes from hell that he was half the psychopathic murderous filth; that is totally allowed to perpetrate countless unspeakable atrocities.

    All on our dollar, because we are their ho's. That's the way it is in the pimp game. They have a saying that goes AOB, "All on a Bitch".

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