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  • Message To The Global Elites Trying To Overthrow my Country and its Constitution

    I notice that establishment liberals in particular have a certain culture of foul mouthed character assaults before any kind of substance containing facts. That whole gun control thing really ruins it for most people if they ever find out about where their party stands on that issue, because that with then lead them to take a closer look at your socialism. Everything must be done to conceal that and other facts.

    Mainline republicans don't like to hear that they've been totally betrayed by their neocon infested party, which has all but abandoned any sort of a conservative platform in practice.

    It's like trying to block out the sun though, good luck establishment. You gave it your best, time to pack it up and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY YOU GLOBAL ELITE SCUM!!

    Stop poisoning the minds of our people with your CULTURE OF LIES AND CORRUPTION.

    Your days of selling your deceptions to the people ARE OVER!! Mark my words New World Order, you may think you're going to live and grow into some kind of a force. You will be snuffed out like a dirty cigarette butt before you ever have a chance to grow.

    Let me tell you what's gonna happen you are going to LOSE BIG TIME NWO, and I doubt a bullet is even going to be fired from our side.
    That's what you want. Why would we do that when it's TOO EASY TO EXPOSE YOU COWARDS to the people. Every move you make right now it straight down towards tyranny and EVERYBODY KNOWS.

    Some are less courageous, and just on the verge of standing up to you, but many of us already are. Maybe we aren't out on the streets, but you will start noticing that WE KNOW through our actions and the way we interact with you and your minions as time goes on. Listen to my words!

    Your days are NUMBERED NWO. Your power over us is dissolving away minute. You could pull a false flag attack on this country like you always do, but the people are far too sophisticated for that now. It's quite the gamble. Even if you pulled some thing that you thought was undetectable. The first suspect right now is you. Everybody knows your plan to overthrow this country. Everybody is putting all of their efforts towards preparing for what is to soon come. Let me just say that many of us are well prepared, mentally and otherwise.

    You can leave now, and let whatever countries you scum relocate to deal with you. Those that are wanted for investigations into high crimes against the people of the United States will not be permitted to leave, and will be hunted down, plucked from the ends of the globe, and put through criminal proceedings in due course of law. This includes the absolute highest levels of leadership in the plot to overthrow the government of the United States of America and its Constitution to establish a scientific dictatorship upon this land.


  1. Goldencat says:

    Well Said! We need to get the word out, and make this more viral than the bible itself. We need more individuals to not just wake up, but get up and get the word out, about the Tyrany and Facism that is bringing our Country down! Elites, Bankers, Investors, Corporations, Pharma, Insurance Companies, and so on!
    I want our country Back! But were not even getting help from those whose can change things, The Natzies would have Americans believe that "if you speak out your a terrorist" "if you protest govt decisions you are Anti-American" and "A true Patriot does what he is told (without question)"
    For some reason this all seems backward to me!
    I thought A Patriot was suppose to speak out and be heard! To be a Patriot does not mean you have to support, or even stand by our leaders! It means you Stand For, and Stand Beside, and Defend your country!

    Thanks Again for being one of us! "American"

  1. Very well said and those of us that are here to defeat the NWO are working theyre asses off to inform the still numbed populace. This year more than anyother people are starting to wake up out of their poisoned stupor! Press on patriots and DONT GIVE IN!!!

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