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  • Is This Plane Going To Kill Us? The Evergreen SuperTanker


    Seems like it would make a perfect mass genocide pandemic delivery system. I'd keep my eye on this thing and if takes off on any domestic missions after fire season is over, I think we might want to question why. It can reload its payload at any military base according to this video. This company is well known to have deep CIA connections. I seriously doubt that this is the only one of these planes in existence, but that is the official statement. Either way somebody should definitely keep an eye on this plane.

    Dr. Horowitz noted his suspicion of this company, Evergreen Aviation, based in McMinnville, Oregon. Evergreen actually owns the spruce goose, it's on display at their museum.

    This seems like it'd be nice to fight fires, but we all know how the elite eugenicists love their dual use. It provides great cover for their operations. Hidden in plain view.

    Some firefighters on the RadioReference forum have expressed scepticism of the planes effectiveness in the field, for its officially intended purpose.

    "I can see Tkr979 being usable in Alaska and in a lot of areas in the Southeast. Minimal canyons and reasonably flat terrain. Maybe even a ridgeline, parallel attack on SoCal. It's just another new tool in the box they need to learn how to use in the appropriate manner. Even Texas would have been a nice place to demonstrate the possabilities. Having flown a majority of California and Oregon property as a contract pilot, I can see a few situations where this would be cost effective. Other than that, I'm not sure. I just hope the powers that be, utilize it in the correct manner and not as a publicity stunt...(aka: the San Diego incident and the Long Island Snafu)"

    "We (the firefighters) at CDF are not to happy about this. The DC10 is marginally effective at best and at worst it is a huge wasted of money. On fires I have witnessed its ineffectiveness but later heard on the news our own agency people rant and rave about how good it is.

    The best part is they have to move out all other air assets when this thing is in the area for a drop. I was working a fire where we were using a couple of type 2 copters to support our operation and they would have to leave when this thing would want to drop. Fine and dandy but the -10 was dropping almost 8 miles away from where we were. It looks neat, but Id rather have 6 more type 1 copters.

    With the budget mess, is the really the best way to be spending the money. This firefighter says NO.

    "It looks great on TV, and that is where it should stay. I talked to some of the guys who saw the DC-10 when almost went down a year or so ago. It will be someones show toy for the TV news. These are passenger airplanes . They were designed to fly near to the ground for takeoffs and landings."



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