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  • Snitches Among Us: A Critical Look at Domestic Intelligence Part 1

    This is my commentary on the subject. I'm not privy to any sort of inside knowledge on how this highly secretive work is carried out. All I can do is show you some places to begin your own research on this, there's a lot of info in the public domain though, that we can get a vague idea of the scope and just how weird this whole thing is in general.

    The weirdest thing is that it is not talked about more, very interesting stuff going on here. This is a quote from a book titled, The Hidden Evil

    "The DSM is a diagnostic manual for identifying mental disorders. The first edition of the DSM was released in 1952 at a time when the APA was under the control of Dr. Ewen Cameron, who would commit brutal government-sponsored torture under the MKULTRA program. Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, wrote an article entitled, Microwave Mind Control: Modern Torture and Control Mechanisms Eliminating Human Rights and Privacy. In it she described "The Psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) for mental disorders," as a "brilliant cover up operation in 18 languages to hide the atrocities of military and intelligence agencies' actions towards their targets."

    Dr. Kilde says the manual "lists all mind control actions as signs of paranoid schizophrenia," and that "all medical schools teach their students that the person is paranoid, ESPECIALLY if he believes intelligence agencies are behind it all." Finally she proclaims, "Never is the medical profession told that these are routine actions all over the world by intelligence agencies against their targets."

    This is part one in a series I came up with called Snitches among us. In this series I will be exposing the general workings of the domestic stasi forces among us. These demonic beings range anywhere from the bottom level run of the mill snitches, all the way directly up to their ultimate controllers, the global elites.

    These are the very same crime syndicate families that were directly behind dictatorships of the last century including, but not limited to Soviet Russia, and Stasi Era East Germany. This went on all the way up until recent years in those countries, and it's been happening right here in America for the last century at least. The technology of today has advanced the industry quite a bit in the latter years.

    These spook activities have been done in the darkness long enough. The time has come for these spies next door, all the way up to the highest levels of leadership, to be exposed, as well as their overall plot. This plot includes the overthrow of this country and it's Constitution to bring in a high tech scientific dictatorship including eugenics and depopulation.

    How could this be going on right before our very noses?

    I'll tell you how- The Fake War on Drugs and, just as the people began to see the absurdity of that, the conveniently manufactured War on Terror. I'll tell you why else- most of the people who are aware of these activities are involved in them. The numbers of informants and actual clandestine agents in this country is well into the high tens of millions, likely into the hundreds of millions.

    These activities are commonly masked under the guise of "drug dealing investigations" and "matters of national security" The general public is well conditioned to accept such lines without questioning it much. Recruitment for such programs is very advanced, perfectly tuned to appeal to basic human psychological needs of all individuals. Coersion through force, or direct or implied threats of force are certainly not out of the realm of this recruitment process, but largely unnecessary.

    In my opinion, this network has stretched its filthy hands deeply into every facet of our society. Hollywood, The corporate controlled media, the major corporate music labels, fortune 500 corporations, religious organizations, of course the military industrial complex, and one of the weaker players, power wise , the United States government.(Which just happens to be the one in charge of protecting our rights)

    Maybe some of them are useful idiots and don't know it, but that doesn't change anything at all. I can almost guarantee that all of these people have been approached and chosen to play ball, obviously. We do have some good people inside these industries as well, but many of them are trying to get out of it. To the average good hearted person, the over arching corruption and evil becomes understandably unbearable. These are the ones that are under complete surveillance. The system watches the people that have knowledge and proof, who "know where the bodies are buried", if you may. Many of these people never come forward with information exposing the plot because they only have a vague understanding of one compartmentalized aspect of the overall scheme. Another reason is because they know full well what the system is capable of unleashing upon them in retaliation for exposing their evil. Once it begins to unravel, this fabric of lies and sinister evil deception tightly cinched over the head of the world will quickly fall to pieces.

    Willful deception: maybe each person just plays a tiny part in it, but before you know it you have a massive unstoppable force of tyranny. In my opinion we have officially reached that point Martin spoke of when he said

    Silence is betrayal.

    I am just beginning to research cointelpro, and neighborhood watch, DHS, the terror watchlist, miac reports, infraguard, FEMA clergy response team.

    What adds an entirely new dimension to the whole game is in the work of PTECH and the backdoored interconnected Enterprise Architecture interfaces and systems and corporations and individuals connected to these systems. It is all fully interconnected, compartmentalized, and in a pyramid style structure. These databases and networks are being created in the name of "interoperability" between intelligence agencies and law enforcement. Every individual accessing this network will have access only to the information that individual needs to know to complete their individual directives, nothing more. This is key to compartmentalization. The computing power involved here is off the charts and and many generations deep into Artificial Intelligence. These networks are consolidating power into the hands of such a tiny cabal of hands never before seen on this planet.

    It is so much bigger of an "intelligence" network though, than you can even imagine. All they do 24/7 is spy on and harrass citizens.
    Think about that. Those terrorists they say they are investigating are not what they would have you believe. No one really even knows why they do what they do to who they do. PURE DEMONIC EVIL that's one reason. Another is mass psychosis, cognitive dissidence, coupled with a hive mind mentality.

    When people make the statement that close to a third of the country or more are, snitches, or informants, you have to really find out how the operation operates before you can comprehend the enormity of the situation, and the coverup surrounding it. I don't know the exact figures as far as numbers of individual informants, but I will see if I can't find that number out.

    Most people (around 95%+) will cave in and go state side instantly when pressured by figures of authority. That includes peoples closest friends and family. The stasi had 2/3 of the population spying on the other 1/3 and the craziest thing was that most of the informants weren't even paid!! The establishment knows how to target basic human needs of belonging and feeling important, a part of something bigger than yourself to recruit their bottom level stalkers. Their tactics are designed to either get their targets into the mental health system, the criminal justice system, or drive them to commit suicide.


    Come On! We know what's going on. What do you think all of those feds from all of those agencies do all day? We don't even know how many paid or unpaid informants there are out there and I for one, would like to know that information. What is it 1 million spies? 10 million?

    It's looking like maybe as many as a hundred million in various capacities, is pretty close according to the info we have.

    Look around you- they are ruining peoples lives. You yourself may have just thought you had really, extremely bad luck, when it was another story entirely. This stuff is all documented you just have to wake up and connect the dots. I can't even imagine the crap Alex and all of the other Infowarriors have had to put up with over the years. It sickens to me straight to my core. Like Alex always says

    You would have to be completely crazy, or have something wrong with you to know what I have found out through researching their own documents, to not want to fight this tyranny with every once of your being."
    (Those aren't his exact words, but that's basically what he says)


  1. Autumn says:

    Hello, Chris, I want to tell you that my Fiance & I have been victims of gang stalking for many years. Whenever we've left our home together,
    leaving our home "un-attended", empty, things have
    mysteriously "disappeared", such as pieces of his
    past military records, books that he had studied in the military, objects containing our DNA, one of our dogs was subjected to an instrument that has left a still un-healed sore, cause unidentified by our veterinarian, and we've found a hidden listening device in our bedroom, which was the only place that we felt was safe to talk out loud. We've also been,
    and still are, subjected daily to DEW's and our
    mail is often held up & delivery delayed for days at a time. It IS real, it IS happening to many people who are not aware, or disbelieving of its existence. Further proof can be found at, as well as searching the 'net for some of the terms that you mentioned in this article, such as "cointelpro".
    We also follow several other excellent websites:,
    (has NOTHING to do with "prisons", per se)and Hope that this is all somewhat
    helpful to you, and the other "sheeple" that are
    completely unbelieving, and un-aware. Gabrielle.

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