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  • Will We See A Ron Paul Bid For The Presidency In 2012

    Speculation Mounts Over Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Bid

    Alex Jones “completely confident” Texan Congressman will lead grass roots resistance against new world order agenda by running for President

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    CNN and the L.A. Times are speculating that Congressman Ron Paul may be about to announce that he will run for President in 2012 following the revelation that the Texan will speak at rallies in two key early caucus states next month.

    Paul will visit the key early primary state of South Carolina on Nov. 9 to give a speech on “the future of individual liberty and the importance of the U.S. Constitution” at the University of South Carolina. He then moves on to Iowa, another key early presidential battleground, on Nov. 13 to speak to students at Iowa State University....cont'd @


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