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  • Marc Emery: The NWO's Latest Unholy Sacrifice To Satan

    By Chris Bennett, Cannabis Culture - Thursday, October 8 2009

    CANNABIS CULTURE - By locking up Marc Emery, the US and Canadian governments have turned him into a powerful human symbol of the plant liberation movement he has selflessly stood behind for years.

    The Scapegoat, by William Holman Hunt - 1854The Scapegoat, by William Holman Hunt - 1854After witnessing the slow-moving tentacles of the Federal courts wrap around and consume my friend and fellow Canadian pot activist Marc Emery after a 4-year extradition process for US-based charges regarding the sale of marijuana seeds into the USA, I can’t help seeing Marc as a sacrificial offering that was given by Canada to the White House officials who set Canadian drug policy at the end of the Chretien era.

    I have known Emery for over 15 years, writing for his magazine Cannabis Culture, and managing his popular video streaming website Pot-TV from 2000-2005, until a US DEA raid in Vancouver forever altered our lives, and our feelings of sovereignty.

    The time of Emery’s bust in July 2005, had been preceded by considerable talk in Canada about liberalizing cannabis restrictions on the Federal level, including a Senate committee report in 2002 that recommended the legalization and regulation of cannabis, and a House of Commons report in 2004 that called for decriminalization.

    Such talk caused considerable concern south of the border, where George W. Bush’s White House was determined to continue with America’s military-style drug war that was championed by both his father, and his father's predecessor Ronald Reagan....cont'd @ Cannabis Culture


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