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  • The Bill Cooper vs. Alex Jones Beef - The Verdict Comes Down

    I've heard Alex claim on multiple occasions that Bill Cooper was on his show once and he had to cut him off because he was acting like a schitzo and wouldn't stop using foul language. That is contrary to my research. As far as I know, and according to Bill Cooper, he was only on Jones' show once. This is the full video of Cooper's appearance on AJ's show.
    [rubbing eyes]
    Am I seeing this right? This would make Alex Jones a liar. This is not cool Jones. Lying about a dead Patriot. Why?

    This is some blockbuster information in the truth community if this is true, and not some bizarre hallucination that I'm experiencing. I'm not exactly all that comfortable with you having my address now either, since I've purchased quite a few products from your store. This is unbelievable!

    You seriously shit all over this guys name every chance you get Jones. You had me going for a while on this Bill Cooper whitewash.

    Here is the video of Cooper discussing the entire saga.
    Title of video is: William Cooper Calling Alex Jones A Liar, The TRUTH

    Description in video sidebar.
    I swear on William Cooper's Grave, God Bless His Soul, that Alex Jones is a lying, Government Agent. PERIOD My 20 year career fighting the NWO, says so!!!

    Dedicated to William Cooper and his wife and daughter. God Rest His Soul!



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