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  • Open Letter To Alex Jones

    I'm not trying to get all over your case too much Jones, but you really need to admit the times you were not entirely truthful and repent to the Lord Jesus Christ for his forgiveness. (I don't know if you've already done this or not)
    The thing is, for the fans, and the respect of your fans sake, and the sake of your dignity, you must address the Bill Cooper thing and put it behind you.
    You have to understand that the Patriots have a certain level of class that we like to maintain, there has to be some standards for a level playing field here.

    All that talk about crushing your enemies? I always thought they were wronging you somehow, now I wonder. Are you going to crush me Jones? Are you going to try to file a lawsuit against me Jones for trying to get to the truth? Are you going to turn me in to the FBI now?

    All your Christian talk. You portray yourself as an apostle of the Truth. Repent now liar or face the tribulations. I was reading The Revelation last night and I wondered what Jesus meant when he said this in Chapter 2, Verse 2.

    I know thy works, and thy labor, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars.

    I see you took down my comments today that I left on PrisonPlanet, when I tried to bring this important info to the public. This is the first time I've been censored on the comments. If the reader will notice in the past stories archives, I leave comments nearly every day with links to my Daily Killz posts on all of the Top Stories on PrisonPlanet. I also see that you didn't go on air today. Hope everything is OK, not trying to be too much of a jerk here, you have the right to your opinion on Bill Cooper. You are your own man and put out some very good info. I know you don't take criticism well Alex, and I'm sure that I'm pissing you off with this, but the truth comes first with me. Can you please just at least apologize to the memory of the Patriot Bill Cooper, and stop throwing dirt on a dead man's name? Please.

    UPDATE: I have resumed leaving very outrageously outlandish comments below the Prison Planet stories under various smartass names and have not been censored. The site I am banned from is Infowars, but they banned me long before this, so I think it is from something else. You know what, it was when that "Urgent Message To Patriots" came out and I was voicing one of my grievances with the way they were handling the story.

    UPDATE: Look Jones, I'm done with this and just want to move forward with preserving the last tiny sliver of what's left of our freedom, and I'm sure that's your goal too.


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