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  • APF head owes Hardin business money

    Posted: Oct 14, 2009 05:50 PM

    When American Police Force head Michael Hilton skipped out of his proposed jail deal in Hardin, he also skipped out on paying his bill to a Hardin Bed and Breakfast.

    Steve and Marcianna Smith own the Kendrick House Inn B & B in Hardin. They say Hilton stayed at their inn while he was in town and paid with cash. But during his second stay, Hilton paid his one-thousand dollar bill with a check. When the Smith's attempted to deposit that check, they received a notice back from the bank saying that Hilton's account had been frozen.

    "Well of course it was a little disappointing that the check didn't go through, but we never had any problems. We don't see that side. And maybe that's being a con-artist, maybe its not , but we seen him here with his dad and we saw him kind of an affable guy," Kendrick House Inn Bed and Breakfast owner Steve Smith said.

    Smith says Hilton called the couple Wednesday, but they missed his call and ever since they've been playing phone tag with him...cont'd @ also at Q2 KTVQ


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