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  • Swine Flu Vaccine Refusers Will Be Subjected To Ridiculous and Embarrassing Regulations, Could Lead To Workplace Discrimination At UCSD

    Says a caller who claims to be a worker at San Diego hospital 1 hour and 54 minutes into the Alex Jones radio program on Thursday. This caller reported on the show that he works at UCSD medical center in the corporate capacity. He claims all of the employees at the hospital have been notified that if they choose to refuse the untested swine flu vaccine this winter, they will be required to attend special training and don ridiculous and unnecessary safety equipment. This is obviously not a safety issue, but a thinly veiled attempt to engineer behavior.

    'Bob' reported that those who refuse this possibly deadly vaccine will be forced to sport a ridiculous and embarrassing special respirator breathing apparatus at all times during work. These are the kind of "reeducation through peer pressure" tactics, used extensively in Mao's communist China, if I'm not mistaken. Bob is encouraging people to go ahead and contact this hospital and bring to their attention the highly unusual and discriminatory nature of the practices being employed by the management in this case.

    People should have all of the facts available on the possible safety issues involved with this and other voluntary vaccines. It is also a fundamental tenet of a free society for an individual to have the freedom to choose what substances will be placed into their person. An individual's health is their responsibility in the end and they have to live with the consequences of their decisions. A workplace is required by law, and bound by ethics to not give their workers orders that may jeopardize their safety.


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