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  • Edit: Somethings Not Right About This URGENT MESSAGE youtube Video: A Quick Analysis

    Firstly, let me get it clear that this is not a personal attack on anyone. One of the reasons I don't engage in personal attacks about this is because that's what one of the sinister objectives of these types of operations, if this is indeed one of such operations. Some of the many purposes of a PSYOP is to incite infighting and distrust and to damage the credibility of our message and hinder its delivery. Plus it doesn't make much sense for us to attack each other because it's counter productive.

    My attack is on the traitors who design these weapons and order them to be unleashed on the people of the world. My attack is on their way of life and ideology that drives underhanded direct attacks on the psychology of our peaceful Infowarriors fighting courageously to get the truth out to the masses. When I noticed this video yesterday morning, I'd been up all night and was just about to hit the rack, super tired. I watched it about halfway through then let it go. I was suspicious of it, didn't have any deep analysis yet though really.
    First gut reaction said fake,(soon as I heard the keyword shackles) but it is an important issue and this brought it to the front burner. Went to sleep after I made a quick swine flu post and threw these Obama O's in the eye sockets of a classic skull and vaccines pic.

    We don't really know yet exactly how this went down, but a few things are clear. This video doesn't have much evidence to go off of.
    'A bracelet that goes on your hand that pins into your hand that stays on there for ever.'
    The purpose of this 'bracelet,' as she calls it-
    'it tells them that you've taken the swine flu vaccine' and if you don't have a bracelet, you will be given the opportunity to take the vaccine and receive the bracelet.

    She claims that she has obtained images and the suppliers of the devices. The picture shown at the end of the video in question is an IR beacon that goes on a 9 volt battery. The picture shown on the video appears to be a side view of either the Phoenix light, or the Pegasus 2. No evidence of any bracelet.

    I'm not saying what is or isn't true about the information in, and surrounding this video. I could see the establishment placing IR beacons maybe on internees that were already in the camps to identify their locations, but why the entire populous? Wouldn't it be more effective to just have everyone wear one of those house arrest bracelets that track your location and movements? The devices shown in this video seem to be fairly easy to disable by simply unplugging the battery from the device or covering up the IR lights with something. Maybe there's something I'm missing here about how this device functions and what it does. It appears to be a flashlight type device that emits a powerful IR beam, seen by night vision goggles.
    Update: Apparently the device is an IR beacon that can be seen through night vision optics. I guess those who've had the shot could be identified by this from the air and by troops on the ground with an infrared light, and left alone supposedly.

    What is the motive of this operation,if it isn't merely a complete hoax by the youtuber known as entimes777 (which I don't currently think is the case), rather than a case of being fed some possibly bunk information you ask? Well, let's look at cointelpro handbook and see if there's anything in there we can use in our analysis. Go research cointelpro and disinfo tactics. Also research Psyops.
    The way to neutralize such activities against us is to double and triple check everything and not be lazy on our research. It helps really helps your understanding anyways to just question things and research and think about things using logic.

    I'll leave it to you reader to draw your own conclusions. The possibility that I personally, am inclined towards, is that entimes777 is merely being set up as a patsy in this highly sophisticated operation, perhaps fed some bunk info. Alex Jones noted on his show today the ridiculousness of the part about the device 'permanently pinning' into your skin somehow.
    One thing to keep in mind is that this could actually be what the establishment's plans really are, that is one possibility of many. We already know that the enemy usually prefers to craft their operations with a dual+ use.

    This specific issue requires much further analysis on the part of you reader, what I am doing is pointing out the absurdity of this specific video and possibility of it actually being a targeted ambush psychological attack in the Infowar for your mind. Keep focused on our mission, to always strive to find the truth and delivering the truth to the most people we can.

    Let me give a shout out to Alex Jones and his great team for their tireless labors to further the cause of Liberty. Everybody needs to research everything in depth and check each others' work. Each individual brings their own subtle dimension into the picture to generate the highest definition illustrations of different complex interlocking issues in the minds of all the truth seekers.

    Update: In the case of this story being 100% accurate even down to the pegasus 2 being the actual device to be used, it would be most likely have to be a full on hot war. Official martial law status. The pegasus 2 is a combat marker used to identify friendlies in a war theater. It emits an infrared signal, that can be seen through night vision. It could be used to identify who NOT to shoot, or to see the location of who to shoot, in the black of night.
    In a martial law type situation, people would probably want to wear the Infrared marker, it would been seen as a privilege I'm guessing. I may have been mistaken when I wrote above from the standpoint of the authorities necessarily forcing the bracelet onto people. (the shot is what they would be forcing upon the populous)
    The implications in this story, if true, would be immensely critical information. Is there a way we can prove or disprove this story 100% for sure? Will some one else come forward with proof or at least more evidence? These are questions that I eagerly await the answers to.

    Any feedback or information on this issue is encouraged and welcomed in the comments section. I know there's some minds better than mine, or with more info than myself, that can bring some additional insights on this to the table.

    Update: Some of the things that raise red flags about this video are:

    The author claims she's going to take this video down in a week. (all the links to this video will say video removed) to make it seem like the gov took it down.
    She refuses to go public.
    This is the kicker- She mentions the possibility of one of her youtubbe videos- "falling into the wrong hands" A youtube video falling into the wrong hands? Are you serious?


  1. Hemp 4 Life says:

    First. Guessing the shackle thing will have the battery locked into place. Second the IR phoenix Identifyer will make it easier to identify friendlys and who are not friendlys.

    Remember the marines survey that infowars and other patriot radio/websites made their first millions on back in the 90s? "Will you shoot unarmed American citizens?"
    I have been studying the choke points of my state incase this will happen. I think I have mapped out an escape path to get to my familys farm without any road blocks. It is a big if, and what if we do come across a road block. How long will I hide out on the farmland? How long before the federals come up to our property?

    The real nail in the coffin for the FEMA crap is... Wouldnt be cheaper just to execute people onsite versus loading them on a bus/train etc. bring them to a camp house and feed them?

    So am ever vigilant but really dont believe any of it. I am still a huge fan of the crazy patriot radio programs because I am part of the terminator/matrix generation and we have it programmed into us to rebel against the system.

  1. chris killz says:

    Actually, on the contrary, there is a ton of evidence to support the existence of FEMA camps and secret continuity of government plans. (PD-51!!) They like to enslave people for some reason. Every good dictatorship has camps.
    BTW Further down in my posts, I have one linking to around 1000 pages of newly declassified Garden Plot documents. Check it out.

  1. chris killz says:

    To make this clear as well- I'm not even saying what this lady's saying isn't true.

    This video just discredits the message without some more documentation. Am I seriously supposed to send this video out in red alert messages to people or what? They will think I'm some kind of a nutbag.
    There's a million other really factual videos and articles that are a little more credible that I can distribute and actually coherently get my point across about what we are facing and why. See my other posts I'm putting in work, but I want people to take me seriously. The Infowar is not a joke and I wouldn't be involved in something that was.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I take everything as a mind game until I see otherwise. Even though there is enough evidence out there to prove most of what is going on, the exact data may not be correct. So I as many of you watch it and store it along with other info until I see more. I see no reason to fear any of this, as we all are going to die sometime. We are but a spec of life and our inteligence is limited compared to the infinite wisdom that belongs to the creator. As Alex has said before, the more we know, the less chance of it being delayed or not even implemented. So in that sense it is a mind game.

  1. chris killz says:

    yeah the whole mission of the Infowar imo is to try to head off shtf at the pass. You are sophisticated, but I have to cover this stuff for the newbies to the movement.

    If the establishment was going to go ahead with this now, putting out some faulty intel for cover is something I could see them doing, so we're not expecting the martial law. Be vigilant, keep your eyes open, hopefully we will have some solid intel about this soon.

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