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  • Planet's Largest Gulag System Requires Victims, Police Too Cowardly To Find Real Criminals

    According to his own website and the Associated Press, Marc Emery, “The Prince of Pot” surrendered himself at the B.C. Supreme Court in downtown Vancouver in Canada this morning.

    Marc Emery will sit in a Vancouver jail for about one week or up to 60 days until the Canadian federal Justice Minister, Robert Nicholson signs an extradition order to turn him over to the U.S. Justice system to face the charges and punishment negotiated into Marc Emery’s plea agreement.

    Fighting felony drug trafficking and money laundering charges by the DEA since 2005, Marc Emery, longtime political activist, and Canadian cannabis seed salesman extraordinaire, has made his fight against extradition to the United States equal to his fight against marijuana prohibition. Under his deal with the U.S. Prosecutors in Seattle, he agreed to plead guilty to one charge of marijuana distribution for his worldwide internet cannabis seed sales empire, in exchange for five years, but more importantly, in order to have all other charges against him dropped. Had he not signed the plea agreement Emery could have faced life imprisonment, for selling seeds; life imprisonment, for selling seeds, and paying taxes on the sale of those seeds to the government in charge.

    The U.S. government signed a five year minimum plea deal with Marc Emery for two reasons. Five years to get enough jail time in court to appear tough on crime, and to keep him in jail for as short a time as possible, because while he is in jail, Marc Emery is a dangerous martyr that will be used by the anti-prohibitionists to plead their case for legalization....cont'd @ The Examiner Portland


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