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  • Is America Going To Let This Happen Here? Are We Broke Back Enough That They Think They Can Get Away With It?

    Croat Tycoon Suspected of Plotting State Coup in Bolivia

    According to Bolivian media, neo-Nazi mercenaries who have plotted assassination of a number of Bolivian officials (including some opposition leaders) in an attempt to create chaos in Bolivia akin to the one used to dismember former Yugoslavia and tear the country apart, were in all probability hired by “Don Marinković”, tycoon of Croat nationality who lobbies against the state’s socialist government and leads the separatist movement in Santa Cruz, advocating secession of the richest Bolivian provinces.

    Marinković and his compatriots living in Bolivia are trying to break up that country in the same way Croat secessionists have dismembered Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Marinković is accused of seeking to foment a civil war to create a breakaway country in the lowlands, exactly like Tudjman, aided by the Ustasha emigration, Germany and Vatican, has done in former Yugoslavia.

    Even though Marinković vehemently denies these allegations, the New York Times quoted his direct threats of instigating a civil war in Bolivia, unless his separatist goal is supported and aided by the “international community” (presumably the same Berlin-Washington-London “international community” that supported violent dismemberment of Yugoslavia).

    “If there is no legitimate international mediation in our crisis, there is going to be confrontation. And unfortunately, it is going to be bloody and painful for all Bolivians,” Marinković growled.

    Mercenary Terrorists Recruited from Montenegro

    "was bringing pro-Ustasha mercenaries from Montenegro, a legal gray zone in the Balkans, regarded a safe-haven for smugglers and all types of criminals in the region, under the protection of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, local mafia boss charged by the Italian prosecution for involvement in large scale smuggling operations since the 1990s."

    On Friday, Bolivian security forces shot three and arrested two terrorists belonging to the group of neo-Nazi assassins plotting to behead Bolivian state leadership.

    According to Bolivian police chief Victor Hugo Escobar, it was established the leader of the gang of terrorists planning to assassinate President Evo Morales among others, was Eduardo Rozsa Flores, a Spanish-Hungarian national who commanded the “International Brigade” within the infamous Croat paramilitary Zenga units, responsible for horrific atrocities and ethnic cleansing of Serbian population from their ancestral land in Slavonia and Serbian Krajina in Croatia during the 1990s. Flores was also accused of smuggling weapons and narcotics, as well as of killing a Swiss and British reporter who worked for the German EPA news agency and were investigating ties of the mercenaries in the Croat paramilitary troops with the Western fascist groups...cont'd


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