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  • The GEO Group aka Wackenhut Corrections: Parent Company Of Civilian Police International

    Welcome to The GEO Group, Inc. GEO is a leader in providing private correctional and detention management as well as mental health services to government agencies around the globe. Our goal is to help our clients serve those assigned to their care through a wide range of diversified services including the design, construction and financing of state and federal prisons, immigration and detention centers, medical and residential treatment centers and other special needs institutions.
    [news articles about Geo Group]

    As a leading provider in the industry since 1984, we offer our clients high-quality, cost-effective services with state-of-the-art designs, innovative programs and ground-breaking treatment approaches.

    The GEO Group used to be called Wackenhut Corrections Company.

    Wackenhut is a joint venture partner
    along with MPRI, Kellogg Brown and Root and AGS in the civilian police training company Civilian Police International, LLC which is under a State Department contract for $1.6 billion to work with the Civilian Police and Rule of Law office in coordination with the United Nations training emerging police forces around the world.

    Finally, this leads us back to the Serbian Private Police company called Civilian Police International,which bears a striking resemblance to the American Police Force.


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