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  • Alex Jones: William Cooper Attacks Me From The Grave - In His Own Words Prison Planet TV 8-10-09

    EDIT: The editor has removed a few paragraphs of the text here that were not necessarily the views of The Daily Killz, and may have been somewhat defamatory. Even though these are well within the protected Constitutional rights of the author, they have been removed out of respect for Alex Jones, who is not an enemy of The Daily Killz. You can see these paragraphs in the archives if you desire, not something I'm all that proud of, but you can still look at it if you choose.

    This is a very infamous segment from an Alex Jones radio broadcast that regular listeners may recognize in one of its variations. I've heard Alex multiple times crapping all over the dead Patriot, William Cooper's, name and character.

    The further down the rabbit hole I went, the deeper it got.

    You want to see this nipple ring, cross-dresser comment Cooper made during his so called "jealousy broadcast"? Here it is.
    The statement was made in jest during "The Hour of Our Time Bullshit Artist of The Century Award". The honor is only bestowed upon one person per hundred years, and Jones won it for his outstanding panic inducing fear mongering during his highly unfactual 12/31/99 "Y2K" broadcast, which many argue, set the patriot movement back decades.
    I highly recommend viewing the entire 20 part series (Cooper spent almost a week putting Alex Jones in check on his The Hour of Our Time broadcast after Jones shameful Y2K ridiculousness) on the youtube channel of Warrior1777 (r.i.p.)


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