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  • Word To The Wise: To Patriots Re: URGENT MESSAGE video and 'SHACKLES'

    Here's a couple comments I left on this story on Infowars. U.S. Gravediggers to be Fully Employed: Surprised? By Greg Evenson for News With Views
    Figured I'd put in my two cents about this URGENT WARNING thing. I think my first comment got removed because it looked a little too spammy (had at least 5 links to some of my blog posts) either that or they thought I was a troll. (so much cap use)
    It could have also been a technical issue, sometimes there's a delay in the comments posting. Anyways I'm going to post it here in case anyone else understands where I stand on this.

    Nothing personal to Greg Eversen and Entimes777, just some advice for you and other patriots trying to get out this message. I'm taking into account the chatter I hear on out there about the URGENT MESSAGE video, and trying to point out one thing that is really the wrench in the gears of this whole story, and it probably was intended to be from the top.

    I'm being real about this and people need to put aside their egos and step back and look at the situation. You need to at least seriously consider my point on this.

    THIS ALL MAKES SENSE-- except for the stainless steel bracelet thing CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SAYING STAINLESS STEEL BRACELET if there is no evidence of it! It just sounds EXTREMELY corny and unbelievable! The globe article says

    "When people arrive for their shots, they will get an ID bracelet with a barcode. Next, basic information - name, age, gender, address - will be entered into the patient tracking database."

    It's easy enough to assume that it's just going to be a plastic medical bracelet with a barcode on it, maybe an rfid!! I'm telling you that whole STAINLESS STEEL bracelet line is TOTALLY THE TURD IN THE PUNCHBOWL ON THIS. Talk about everything else THAT WE CAN REFERENCE AND VERIFY!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS MYSTERIOUS SHACKLE THAT NOBODY'S EVER SEEN!! damn


    Next comment I left:

    That whole SHACKLE line is shackling this story from getting out and being taken seriously.

    Why wouldn't they just use those plastic medical bracelets? I'm telling you that shackle thing is disinfo.

    Just pointing out the obvious

    It's your choice whether or not you wanna keep being hella corny dude with the shackle thing and not being taken seriously. If you would just admit the metal shackle line might (might be that's all) be disinfo. Just admit that one fact, and replace that one thing with facts and references that we already have, and this warning is legit.
    People are going to focus on the shackle thing too much because it's so mysterious and sexy sounding. A permanent metal shackle that never comes off. Why do I even have to explain how outlandish that sounds?? People love fixating on stuff like that and chupacabras.

    Once they can't confirm the existence of these shackles, it's too easy to write off this whole story. I'm talking to you Greg Evensen and Entimes777!!


  1. Goldencat says:

    Although I have no doubt of the intentions of where the CDC, WHO, DHS, or HS plan to go with all this H1N1 and RFID or EU666 chip, I cannot assume the specific material that will be used in these bands. I would speculate that it would have to be a material that human flesh could accomodate because I understand that this device is partially implanted and is suppose to be a permanent device worn by the receiver.

    Keep up the good work, and keep posting!

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