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  • Renay San Miguel in Tech News- The Propaganda Is Starting To Get A Little More Sophisticated

    It's comical how stupid this is. He spends a couple pages skirting around the facts of the issue, claiming he's done so much exhaustive research into the subject of 911, but can't find any discrepancies with the official fairy tale. Apparently, his research entails "putting on dvds" and seeing what he can find about it on the history channel. (I'm not kidding, he says that) There's a link in his article for the word dvds, and when you click, all it is is the Wikipedia page for the word dvds!!!

    What a phoney!! Didn't you ever learn how to source your arguments with links to concrete facts like Charlie Sheen does in his open letter? I can't believe you're trying to pass this off as journalism, while at the same time belittling those out there actually doing the work you are too cowardly to do.

    He doesn't even touch the Charlie Sheen issue, as if he hadn't heard of his open letter to the president, or the subsequent video address, which sparked a monumentally popular grassroots movement.

    It appears that he's chosen to go after the bloggers who actually have the cojones to report the facts of 911 to their people. Not only that, the whole internet in general. Wow those dangerous, unauthorized thinkers. He dramatically reports on those dangerous bloggers and their deadly images, and The horrors!! People are putting a political message into music? What's next? Ordinary people conversing about political issues and saying how they feel in public?

    He also reports the breaking news that people out in the populous are becoming "angry." Wow dude you should get the pulitzer for your outstanding journalism skills.


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