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  • Media Disrespectfully Downplays Largest March On Washington In Capitol's History

    Massive Corporate Media Coverup of Real Numbers at D.C. Rally- Kurt Nimmo Online Full Color Printing

    I guess the revolution won't be televised. With 20 Minutes With The President coming from the left, a man who actually voted for Obama and is speaking up with a desperate plea for the truth and transparency we were promised, things are looking bleak for the establishment and it's lap dog media's lies and deception. Especially since, despite the efforts of Glenn Beck and others as of late to hijack the Tea Party movement to polarize the issue, people are coming together from all sides of the political spectrum to take their country back. It's hard not to admit, this is epic.

    When you take the overlap of members of different massive political movements taking place, you have a critical mass able to rise up and rightfully claim the supreme power of America, WE The People, limited by the Constitution. In the United States the People, empowered through the Constitution are the final say on all political matters, similar to the equivalent of what the Ayatollah Khamenei is to Iran.

    Anybody want to be a reporter? I have a feeling there's going to be some job openings in that field very soon.


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