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  • Media Attempts To Demonize Tea Party Demonstrators, Coins New Term "Dark Fringe"- False Flag Foreshadowing At It's Finest

    Look at the newscasters' dramatic, somber tone in this one. Quite the piece. This reeks of false flag foreshadowing. Notice he states that this movement can't go forward once they can produce an event to prove this "sizeable dark undercurrent." Then they can bring out these guys. It's so obvious. They aren't fooling anybody with their predictable tactics.

    "It's not just a couple of people on the edges." He claims that once you go talk to the people, it's a "sizeable threat" and that there's "some heaviness to this," trying to inference that the majority of the 2 million demonstrators marching on Washington were simply stark raving mad, as if DC was being invaded by zombies. This is definitely a talking point, "darker tone."

    I'd say a false flag at one of the next events appears somewhat likely. There's something really weird about this broadcast. It's worrying if this is going to be the strategy they're gonna try to go with on this one, since the every critic's a racist line didn't hold up. They appear to be trying to steer the situation into a civil war, rather than the peaceful Revolution of ideas and honest debate sought by the people. P.S. What ever happened to this 2.3 trillion dollars?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, the MSM is crap, but they are going down.

    BTW, check out the Charlie Sheen 9/11 Poster that was on infowars:

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