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  • It's probably nothing, but figured I'd document it for my civil rights case

    Now I'm not kidding myself at all about what I'm doing on this blog. Taking into account the degenerated state of our personal liberties, I certainly do not expect to engage in such pure, unhindered exercise of free political speech without some harassment.

    Today around 7pm pst I was coming home from a quick trip to the store. I live in a fairly large subdivision with one way in and out after you get around halfway in.

    As I was pulling onto about the 3rd turn towards my house I noticed a large green Chevy passenger van with tinted windows down the sides. I stalled extra long at the stop sign to allow the van to pass for some reason. As it passed I noted one visible man in a black uniform with a black patch on his arm with what I recall as a single yellow star. The van's plates were white and light blue, U.S. Government. Do army recruiters have black uniforms with a yellow star and drive vans? If so that's probably what he was.

    I pulled behind him and followed through two more turns toward my home. I live in a culdesac way at the edge of the neighborhood off of a dead end street. I continued to follow the van all the way up to my house. He stopped at the end of the dead end as I pulled into the eavesment up to my house. That's as far as he went and turned around. He definitely was on some sort of official business, that or visiting a friend that he didn't know very well, because he didn't appear to have any clue where he was going, either that or he was going to drop in on me unannounced and I spooked him off.

    My neighbor is in the National Guard, so I figured army dude was going over there. No.

    It easily could have been a recruiter who lost his way. Its just kinda unsettling seeing ?army? vans rolling around up by my house. There seemed like there was just one dude in there unless a bunch of people were laying down inside, which would have looked extremely weird if they were to pull up and then exit the van after they were seated in that manner.

    I have my video cam charged up ready to go if they want to come chat, I will not talk unless it's recorded. I am also going to staunchly refuse entry without a warrant. Stay tuned this could get exiting.

    P.S. Not to sound overly dramatic, but for the record I will never commit suicide, it's against my religion and everything I stand for. Also for the record, I don't have anyone with any reason to kill me. If something ever happens to me I want to leave as many clues behind as I can so swift justice can be served on my killers.


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