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  • I Pity The Fool That Ain't Got No Gold Once The Gold Rocket Takes Off To The Moon

    Gold Silver Mania is HERE! - New Recycling Economy
    That Korean food at the beginning brings back some good memories. yum. This explains how you can make commissions helping people to sell their gold.

    There's a lot of people who think gold has peaked, ok that's fine. Sell your gold then, it's the perfect time. You can get more going through me than Bam. Everybody gets paid. That's how you do it. Some people are forced to move out of some of their hard money reserves, and they want to get the most they can from their gold, not get lowballed. Looks like a great service to be in, definitely something to look into. George is a good guy, please keep him in mind for your gold needs.
    He has the right attitude and some really great insights into surviving in our new third world economy.Gold Silver Mania is HERE! - How Fat Reserves will Save your LIFE!

    Fed Audit = Gold to the Moon!
    Peter Shiff For Senate '10 Gold & Silver rally
    Canary in the Coal MineArticle in by Peter Shiff.

    Don't be sleepin on that silver though, many say it has even more potential, just a little harder to work with, more weight volume to F.R.A.U.D. note ratio. Any metal is going to be wise to hold, even nickels and copper pennies. If you don't have money to buy gold, just go find some. Forget the phone, I'd rather have this G1. Never heard anything about the G1, but it looks pretty fresh. People swear by these jobe highbankers, or you can pick up just a sluice for like $100.

    I know these guys have some gold too if you wanna exchange your worthless fraud notes while you still can, this is a reputable precious metals supplier- Midas Resources
    The owner, Ted Anderson is the sponsor of the Alex Jones program, so it's good to support them, plus he has the best prices.


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