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  • How To Spot A Spy- Disinfo, Cointelpro Agent

    What you don't know will be used against you, study up on these tactics the establishment uses to keep the lies going. They don't have the truth or facts on their side so they have to use ridiculous mind games to win over public opinion.
    Call out stooges immediately during debates when the shills try to use these psychological tactics to sidetrack and neutralize valid points and arguments.

    25 Tactics for Truth Suppression
    How to spot a spy (Cointelpro agent)
    The Democratic Party Infiltrated: A Personal Account

    These are a few of their basic tactics:

    Spies are in the minority, but it's amazing on the amount of "Patriots" whom suck-up the Cointelpro Directives and pretend they're some kind of vision of a genuine and effective Patriot community.


    1. Make dates-prophecy of some impending event, like Y2K, a Rapture and the coming 2012--this will cause people to wait and do nothing, as they rely on the date to fix the problem and not themselves to fix it. This stall tactic will create burnout to lessen the numbers and intensity.

    2. Plug the "time isn't right" to take action because not enough sheep are awakened, and that the WWW or whatever media platform will deliver them from evil and the movement with the right amount of money and people will snowball into millions. Post, Post, read, wait & listen will be the mantra--stay in house, don't come out "just yet."

    3. Always hint at a possible political solution that will save the day and we won't need to do hard work, the Republic will come as a feather bed.

    4. Have your movement hinge on one personality, no real hierachy beyond that. Listen to him/her like it was the word of God.

    5. Be paranoid and negative and not progressive and hopeful. Stay Online.


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