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  • AC Sheen Hit Piece Debunked: Here's Mark Whittington's Take On It

    I guess you got one thing right Mark.
    Two if you know who the real terrorists are

    I just hope you're not trying to imply that he's not a warmonger.


    As you could probably guess, most of the response to his "reporting" is less than accurate and leaves more than a little to be desired. This seems to be the general tone of the discussion.

    "Your article completely avoids any of the topics in Charlie's letter. You are taking the same road every other member of the controlled mainstream media has tried to take. These issues are going nowhere. Writing sneering op-ed responses to these inquiries exposes you as lazy and not worth attention. People died and the majority of the victims' families and 6 of the 10 911 commissioners stated that they had major issues with the 9-11 report. Put your journalism on that. We're gaining momentum and your BS dismissals won't slow this. Be on the right side of history. Check your traffic too. You'll get more hits covering the truth and writing smears."

    "Why do you not try to debunk any of the facts that Sheen said? You just insult with nothing to back it up unlike Sheen. It's a weird world when I learn more from an actor than the news."

    "WOW, that was objectional journalism. If you would have taken the time to, I dont know, actually look at the information that Mr. Sheen in presenting for at leat 30 minutes, you would have discovered that he is actually bringing FACTs to the table. Not conspiracy. What does Charlie Sheen have to gain from doing this? Do you think he stays up at night wanting to be dragged through the mud by the ignorant media? He has millions and millions of dollars. Not too much to gain here. Do your damn job and research your topic a little before you write a silly hit peice that makes you looks very uneduated. Send this atricle to the college that you graduated from, I think you may be eiligle for a full 100% tuition refund. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU ACT LIKE A WRITER!!!"

    "smug shabbily written dreck."

    "Intellectually dishonest drivel. "

    "I second that motion. irresponsible journalism to not investigate the allegations fully. shame on you Mark. W."

    That's what this really is- irresponsible journalism. Don't these mainstream news "reporters" have any sort of ethics? They wonder why people go to blogs. There's a market for actual honesty.

    "The writer of this article hopes you don't read "20 minutes with the President". He did not debunk ANY POINTS CHARLIE SHEEN MADE IN THE LETTER, instead he attacked his character and tries to make people who question the official story look like nutjobs. Please read the letter, ask the writer why he did not even debunk one statement such as 6 out of 10 9/11 commission members question the official story???????? Don't be a sucker"

    "This type of casual dismissal of truthers as crazy kooks doesn't work anymore Whittington. Anybody who has seen the collapse of WTC7 and followed the facts down into the rabbit hole that is 9/11 knows that 9/11 was a false flag attack. You're going to have to do a lot harder than the usual character assassination and ad hominem attacks. Popular Mechanics was a joke and never debunked anything. Get on the right side of history, Whittington. Fulfill your obligation as a journalist and hold yourself to a higher standard. Discuss the points that Sheen raises rather than his character."

    "Everyone knows 9/11 is a government cover-up."

    I like that one. Simple and to the point.

    "And these people aren't lunatics on the fringes of society; they are politicians, senior military personnel, university professors, investigative journalists, engineers, pilots - and many, many more. It's been said many times but it far more patriotic to ask the questions than to blindingly accept the unacceptable."

    "HAHA!!! What a joke Mr. Whittington! I think it is you who can't accept truth. Where is your reason and logic you nut case? Just because Popular Mechanics says so you believe it? Actually take some time, look at the facts, then apologize for being so rude."

    "When did Prison Planet become a blog? Seriously, Popular Mechanics is yellow journalism. It's a fraud; a shill; a stinking pile of BS. Anyone who read the PM conspiracy can see that from the get go."

    These are just a few of em you gotta go check it out yourself, too funny.
    The funniest thing is that these are just the ones that made it through, still haven't seen mine show up yet.


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