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  • Does Anyone Have Any Solid Intel On This? Firefighters To Be Deputized, Ordered To Administer Swine Flu Vaccine

    This is from a post on the PrisonPlanet forum in this thread. It makes sense, people trust firefighters, they are way different than police. If this info is true, the documents will be going out to the firefighters, if they don't already have it. Let's see if we can't find that document.

    From this thread on the prisonplanet forum- Topic: Studies show over 60% won't take the deathshot, Plan B in effect?

    'First, I just saw this: Swine Flu Shots to Start in Three Weeks as U.S. Cases Spread

    And that made me decide to go ahead and disclose something that I was told by a reliable personal source.

    An affiliate company offshoot of RAND Corporation (I forget the exact name of the affiliate) had (from what I was told) a classified document that stated they were going to deputize all firefighters in the United States, and have them administer vaccines, specifically because firefighters are highly trusted and revered in the public eye. This is the new low that the New World Order has stooped to. Honorable and highly courageous, and real, non-bullshit emergency responders as firefighters have now been taken over by the NWO to carry out their mass murder plan. I was told that the firefighters do not even know yet that they will be ordered to do this. DHS forced themselves upon them years ago, but never will they have engaged in such a level of forced criminality.

    If there is one group of people to wake up about how deadly these vaccines are, it is the firefighters, and particularly to inform them that the vaccines themselves are PART (1/2) OF THE SUPER-FLU VIRUS, that IT is to spread the bioweapon in addition to however else they will spin the vaccine propaganda when they unleash this attack. Btw if firefighters are deputized, then that would suggest that they will be given shoot to kill orders like InfraGard, but that part was not specifically stated (if they will have shoot to kill orders).

    I have no other info at this time. With that said I will post the article above from Bloomberg which prompted me to post this.'

    Here's an insightful post from that same thread.

    Massachusetts Deputizes Dentists, Paramedics, Pharmacists to Administer Flu Vaccine

    'Now that they say one dose is enough they have just doubled the number of people they can inject.

    IMO this is just a way to inject nano tech into the masses AND/OR a huge sterilization plan. Why are they targeting young healthy people and pregnant women. Killing everyone off would be to blatant but you could stop population growth very quickly if you can sterilize the majority of the younger population. Also most would never know till years later. They really like the SOFT KILL approach.

    Just a thought.'


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