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  • Bill Maher Likens 911 Truthers To Moon Landing Deniers and Birthers

    This is interesting because he's joking about this, but he's not. Maher is revealing exactly how they fabricate their straw man arguments. Notice the part where he says they want to "take away our internet."

    What an evil little "man."

    It was only a matter of time before this jester blessed us with his commentary. Notice he doesn't even want to touch Charlie Sheen's letter with a ten foot pole. That's all Huffpo's got on it.

    They obviously don't want to draw attention to the issue, particularly because Sheen is coming from the left. This is the sort of thing that the establishment has been most dreading. The unification of the anti war, the 911 truth, and the tea party movement. It's an unstoppable combo they are defenseless against.


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