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  • AZ pastor Steve Anderson Explains Obama "Death Wish" Comments in Depth: NEW EDIT

    By Chris Killz
    September 5th 2009

    Arizona Pastor Steve Anderson spoke in depth on the Alex Jones radio program Thursday about his recent comments that have made national headlines.

    "What a man soweth, also he shall reap. Obama and other presidents have been guilty of murder, using my tax dollars to fund abortions in America and abroad, infanticide, forced sterilizations, murder, all these horrible things, and I said he should reap what he's sown."

    "I don't understand why this is such a big news story, why people are shocked at someone teaching what the Bible says, which is that murderers should be tried and executed. Which is what the Bible teaches.", said the pastor.

    Anderson used the example of Charles Manson as someone who never directly killed but was tried and convicted for murder,
    "By being a part of murders and inciting people to murder; and that's exactly the category I would put Obama in; by taking my tax dollars and making these executive orders that slaughter, you know unborn and newborn babies.", referring to Obama's support of a continuation of Bush's war policies and the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion, which are both in direct opposition to Christian values. He explained that his opinion about Obama, and every president previously in recent history is that, "He's a murderer and therefore he should be punished as such."

    He called on other pastors to stand up and "get on the firing line with me", instead of "hiding their head in the sand and running away scared, and leaving me to take all the heat alone for the Bible."

    He quoted a scripture from Psalm 55, verse 15- "Let death seize upon them, let them go down quick into hell, for wickedness is in their dwellings and among them. As for me I will call upon God and the Lord will save me."

    "The Bible is written by God. I'm a baptist preacher and I believe the Bible is God's word."

    "I don't have the power to send anyone to hell. I'm just praying for him to die. I'm just praying that he dies so that other lives could be saved for the greater good," Anderson states idealistically.

    Alex Jones brings up the fact that the US has killed over a million Iraqis total during 18 years of sanctions, and pointed out the fact that Obama supported killing babies that were even already born. "Why doesn't anyone care about these babies?" Jones says of Obama "I know Obama's a complete puppet. He's not the real King Herod. He's not the real King of the Philistines. I understand he's just a puppet and they get sympathy off of this"

    Jones continued, "Now Pastor, I understand you're preaching the bible here and you have a right to do it" "I've defended you when they beat you up for no reason the TV host acts like you're some kind of criminal that deserves it. But just politically, Obama is a front man and a puppet, the establishment want him as a shield, to take the arrows, but I just think that hoping he dies of brain cancer really plays into the media because they edited down what you said", pointing out the media's tabloid-like focus on one line headlines and out of context, shocking sounding, sound-bytes.

    Anderson responds that he sees his point, but that he is not a politician, and that he doesn't care what happens politically. He went on to explain that "The way I run my life, the way I pastor my church, the way that I preach, has always been the same. And it's preach the word of God, preach the truth, and let the chips fall where they may. That's what any man of God, any preacher should be doing, and not weighing, oh, well how are people gonna use this, are people gonna like this, is my church gonna grow? Am I gonna lose people? To me that doesn't matter. What matters to me is that I obey God when he told me as a preacher to preach the word."

    Jones, a self described non-denominational Christian, but also staunch defender of free, even unpopular speech, responded "I see what you're saying because once you start giving in, we now have gelded preachers saying take the inoculations, go to the fema camps" obviously referring to the FEMA Clergy Response Team "tyranny's good, let the government take your children" "they're now openly federalized tools of the establishment."I can't go to most churches because the spirit of the world is so strong in them, you can feel it more than even outside the walls of the church."

    Anderson replied "When you start to trim the message of the Bible, when you start to tone it down; when you start to back down and compromise, there is no end to it. Once you get in the habit of compromising, you're gonna keep compromising and watering it down"...
    "And most churches today Alex, let's face it; are a rock and roll concert, they're a social club, they're a motivational speaker, they are not a real house of God."

    Later on in the interview, Jones asked Anderson if he's been visited by the secret service. Anderson affirmed, and that he wasn't home when they stopped by, but in a telephone communication with the SS, he made it clear that he has nothing to say to law enforcement unless he has an attorney present. He has been contacted by phone and notified that no charges are being filed at this time because he hadn't broken any laws.

    This was much to the chagrin of the major media outlets and Obama worshipping leftist bloggers, many of whom were calling for the unlawful, criminal arrest of this man for exercising his Constitutionally protected free speech. Since much of Anderson's "offensive" speech was actually quoted directly from the Bible, the story has seemingly morphed into a debate about the content of the actual Bible itself, whether it is acceptable to read passages aloud from it in public within a civilized progressive society.

    In case you are rusty on your knowledge of this country's founding document I will refresh your memory because part of it is the reason I'm bringing you this article you are now reading. (gotta give it it's proppers) The writing on the wall, behind this issue at hand, tells me that this is a masked debate over the legitimacy of the actual Constitution as well as the Holy Bible.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    The Pastor then brought the point up that during his national news interviews he was highly critical of Bush and Cheney, "but they don't want to report that, because they want to make it about a right vs. left issue."

    Jones picked up there by saying, "Because they want to play us off against each other in the left/ right paradigm. Just like all of the republicans that are pro New World Order, pro NAFTA/GATT, pro war, they're being booed off stage at their own events and the media WILL NOT REPORT on that. They will not report that all over the country, that everybody's sick of the entire government. They've got to make it about Obama and then say it's racism."

    "Exactly", replied Anderson, "they want to make me out as some kind of extremist republican that's just against Obama.; asking me- Where was I during the Bush administration? I've been preaching the same thing for years Alex. I've preached this exact same sermon on Obama, a few days after he was inaugurated. It was downloaded from our website thousands of times, yet there was no backlash on it."

    He continued, "I'm gonna tell you the truth about this. This is all a result of the border patrol thing, and a lot of people don't realize it and they're not putting it together. Ever since I released that videoon youtube, of the border patrol beating meup and tasering me; there have been just one form of harassment after another, I'm getting pulled over all the time and they're not even giving me a ticket, just harassed by the police. Other times they're writing me bogus tickets, and I get into court and the ticket was never turned in. They are scouring my sermons for things to attack me on, I've been continually harassed in my personal life, it's just one thing after another."

    Jones likened the border patrol situationto the part of the movie Ants; where the grasshoppers had to keep the ants from rising up in order to maintain control.

    "The image of you saying, No you're not gonna search me, 50 miles away from the border, randomly, with your fat dog that gets a biscuit every time it false alerts! Bring the dog back out I don't have any drugs. Driving home from work, you're not putting up with it"

    "And they now put our children through their naked body scanners that store their naked images on the computer for biometric scanning, they are now are training us more and more to be slaves, and they know if they start having a "revolt of the ants," it's over for them and so they are scared to death of people that say I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE. It's over. I'm not cowed by you, I've done nothing wrong, and when you try to oppress me you're a criminal!" said Jones enthusiastically.

    "They're trying to punish me and break me down", says Steve Anderson. "You know what? I'm not going to take back what God said thousands of years ago. Who am I to contradict God Almighty? These Christians who are basically spoon fed by their pastor, a few choice scriptures from the Bible, a few feel good sermons, who've never read the Bible cover to cover, Genesis to Revelations. They're ignorant, they think I'm hateful, they think I'm wrong, but you know what? The Bible makes it clear that there are people that we should not be praying for their good."

    "God said 3 times in the book of Jeremiah, pray not for this people, (because of their wickedness) He said if you pray for them, I will not hear you."

    "The bottom line is this. People have a very limited understanding of what the Bible teaches because they're not reading it cover to cover, and they're going to a church that's more interested in popularity, building a bigger church, making more money; and is not interested in really telling them what the Bible actually preaches and teaches. That's the problem"

    The complete interview can be viewed in it's entirety below.


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    I agree where is the compassion like Jesus Has? You hope Obama dies...! You must have the wrong Jesus. I serve the one who is merciful despite our sinfulness. You should step down.

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