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  • Alex Jones Broadcasts High Level Alert on Martial Law and Mandatory Vaccination Developments

    I'm working on this story, please listen to the podcast or flash player refeed of today's show. This is a very important broadcast. Sunday's show was also very critical information. Please look at the evidence for yourself at and Jones knows what he's talking about, do not sleep on this warning. We must exercise maximum non-compliance with this takeover. Do what you gotta do, (fully within your human rights) to defend and protect your self, if it comes to that.

    However, you must know that the enemy is trying to incite chaos and violence. Inciting a civil war is the establishments' wet dream right now.
    Their motto is 'Order Out of Chaos'

    Hold steady guys and gals, hold your ground, do your research about this Swine Flu vaccine, it's really bad news, and not a smart move, imo. The real story is the implementation of martial law under the guise of a manufactured pandemic.

    They may hold off on their operations if met with too much resistance, but its not hard to tell what's going on with this. These drills are at the minimum, for conditioning purposes. The global elite rulers are firm believers in patience and incrementalism.

    "Incessant terror drills offer the rogue network multiple opportunities to go live with the provocation they are seeking, and also function as a kind of mass brainwashing. With these drills, the secret government is waging war on the people. One basic demand for activists is therefore that these sinister and suspicious drills be called off, since they represent a threat to the American people and to world peace."
    - Above quote by Webster Griffin Tarpley
    Author - 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism source


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